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My Marketing Plan

Many homeowners think that selling their own home will save money and give them an advantage over the Realtor-using majority. Before you start down this complicated path, here are a few reasons why using a real estate professional is important:

1) You will be drastically limiting your exposure to potential buyers, which means it can take between 10 and 15 times longer to sell your home. Houses that take a long time to sell usually sell for less because buyers believe there must be something wrong with them.

2) Most buyers find negotiating with sellers extremely awkward, and therefore avoid For Sale By Owner situations.

3) Most buyers use a Realtor in their home search, and most buyers’ agents will typically not work with FSBOs because they will not be paid. This means you will have to offer a selling commission to attract buyer’s agents, which will cut into your expected “savings.”

4) Lack of negotiating experience can result in a lower selling price, or worse, a bungled contract and possible lawsuits. It is probably unwise to pit your negotiating skills against those of experienced professionals.

5) If you plan to use a lawyer to help you negotiate, your lawyer’s fees could be considerably higher than a Realtor’s commission. Unlike Realtors, lawyers do not get paid for proactively representing your best interests or mediating delicate situations.

6) You only pay a commission to your Realtor if they successfully sell your home at a price you are happy with.

Our Marketing Plan Your Listing Everywhere!!!

  • – Listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service
    – E-cards and flyers to potential purchasers
    – Installation of a “For Sale” sign
    – Installation of a lock box (if you desire)
    – A custom property profile flyer
    – Public Open House events – exposing your home to potential buyers

  • – Print advertising: Exposure in local newspaper, Homes and Land, Harom Homes, The Flyer and many more
    – Office Tours – agents from my office stop by to preview your home
    – International referral network
    – National relocation exposure
    – Direct Mail Campaign
    – Detailed property brochure
    – Telemarketing to neighbors and potential prospects
    – Verbal feedback provided from showings

  • Internet Exclusive Marketing Services
    – Internet exposure: and Fl.Living.Net,,,, Fl.House.Info,
    – Virtual Tours
    – Advertising through top portals including Yahoo Real Estate and, Ebay, AOL, MSN, Juno, NetZero, Excite, CompuServe,,, and many others
    – Presence in company websites,,
    – Enhanced listings on (Featured Homes)
    – Enhanced listing on (Featured Homes)
    – Featured Agent on

Over 75 Real Estate Websites!!! We receive thousands of hits a month on our websites from around the world.


Over 100 Search Engines!!!


Your Listing Everywhere!!!

TEAM BARONE provides the largest syndication network in the industry with over 35 syndication partners, displaying listings on over 300 destinations.

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